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Warranty at South West Automotive


We bring our cars to market in the best mechanical condition possible and are confident that the vehicle you purchase from us will bring you many miles of happiness! We don’t hide behind a warranty partner but understand that having an additional “safety net” will help when the unexpected happens. See below for all warranty options and speak to one of the team to have this arranged on your vehicle. You’ll be surprised how affordable it is!



Levels Of Cover



For cars up to 4 years old or 40,000 miles

Designed to mirror manufactures warranty and should be taken out immediately following your initial warranty term with the main dealer. This is for cars up to 4 years old/40,000 miles and covers ALL mechanical & electrical components.

For cars up to 8 years old or 80,000 miles

Much of the same here! You are protected against ALL mechanical & electrical components and caters for cars up to 8 years old/80,000 miles.

For cars up to 10 years old or 100,000 miles

A very comprehensive level of cover and includes; ALL major engine, gearbox (excluding SMG & DSG hydraulic actuator, internal oil cooler or radiator), turbocharger (excluding oil seals), clutch, drivetrain, differential, suspension, steering, braking & ABS system, fuel system, cooling system, electrical system (including ECU), drivebelts, gaskets & seals.




For cars up to 12 years old or 120,000 miles

For cars up to 12 years/120,000 miles and is the most comprehensive covers for vehicles of this age. All major parts are covered in each category, but some parts will be excluded. Ask one of the team and we will be happy to talk you through this in more detail.

For cars up to 14 years old or 140,000 miles

You will be surprised to know that even at this level ALL major internal engines parts are covered alongside the gearbox, clutch, drivetrain & differential. Naturally though, there are many parts that will be excluded from this level of cover. We would therefore only advise taking this if your car doesn’t qualify for Silver, Gold or Platinum.



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